Wiki-like hyperlinked outlines
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The wiki features I find most useful are the easy hyperlinking and the list markup. I keep a private wiki to record stuff I don't want to forget. Most of the pages are just lists, with the list elements often containing links to other pages. Outlines are just nested lists of lists. Tkoutline with hyperlinking ability would be a nice replacment for my private wiki.

Useful properties of Wiki links:

As of version 0.65, Tkoutline supports hyperlinking outlines together with wiki-style syntax. Just surround some text with square braces and it will dynamically become a hyperlink to the outline named by that text. If that outline doesn't exist then it will be marked up differently from one that exists. In either case, clicking the link will open that outline.

I implemented the dynamic hyperlink detection using ideas I got from the syntax highlighting code at I'm thinking about releasing my Wiki syntax highlighting for the text widget code as a separate standalone package.

Other wiki functionality that might be useful for Tkoutline