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By now, see the TCL Wiki in action at

15nov02 jcw - There's a new version of Wikit out, which supports CSS. It runs as a starkit nowadays (separate from wikit.tkd), and requires tclkit 8.4.x probably. Conversion from older wikits is automatic (but irreversible). See the Tclers' Wiki for more details, or 1).

05-sept-2005 SF made read-only mounts for WEB servers; how you managed this wiki to work? TIA. Vadim.

Brian Theado - In their message announcing the read-only mounts, they recommend using Mysql to store anything and if that doesn't work, then store things in /tmp/persistent which is writable. I chose the latter. If you have a sourceforge shell account, you can see what I did in the shell script /home/groups/t/tk/tkoutline/cgi-bin/wiki.

Thank you for providing an answer... Well, may be this is a way to go... Vadim.