Using tkcon as the console
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The default console in tkoutline is nice and tkcon 1 is much better. To use tkcon instead:

  1. Download tkcon.tcl from and place it in your home directory. (If you don't know where your home directory is, then hit <F2> to get to tkoutline's default console and type file normalize ~).
  2. Place the following code in your startup script (Edit->Edit Startup Script).
 proc setupTkcon {} {
    # From
    package require tkcon
    set tkcon::PRIV(showOnStartup) 0
    set tkcon::PRIV(protocol) {tkcon hide}

# A way to still get to the default console bind Outline <F3> bind Outline <F2>
# Replace the default console with tkcon bind Outline <F2> { # Display the console tkcon show
# Commands will execute within the context of the current outline # Note this only updates when <F2> is hit, not when current outline changes--which is different than the default tkoutline console ::tkcon::AttachNamespace [::tkoutline::browser getoutline current outline self]
# Extra clue on which outline is current ::tkcon title "Tkoutline console - file tail [[::tkoutline::browser getoutline current outlinefile set fileName]]"
# Convenient way to send away the console tkcon eval bind TkConsole <Escape> {tkcon hide} } }

# This is the function that gets called after tkoutline initialization is complete proc afterInit {} { source ~/tkcon.tcl setupTkcon }

Tkcon has it's own preferences file (see and you can do things like change the font of tkcon.