Undo and redo functionality
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05Aug04 - I have implemented undo functionality in tkoutline. It is in it's early stages, but it is usable. I have placed a development version containing this functionality at http://tkoutline.sourceforge.net/tkoutline-devel.kit.

Current features:

Here are some quirks in the current implementation:

01/09/2004 Iain Cheyne I downloaded the kit and file to activate it, but could not get it working in the time available. I want to test the next release, so please make a post to news:alt.comp.freeware to let us know. :o)

I posted a win32 exe version at http://tkoutline.sourceforge.net/tkoutline-devel.exe, if that helps.

02/09/2004 Iain Cheyne Sadly not, there is an error message when I open it.

Error in startup script

wrong # args: should be "source fileName"

    while executing

"source C:/Documents and Settings/Iain/Desktop/tkoutline.exe/lib/tkoutline/outlinefile.tcl"

    (in namespace eval "::" script line 2)
    invoked from within

"namespace eval namespace parent [bad-link: subst {</p><pre> source [file join $scriptdir outlinefile.tcl]subst { source [file join $scriptdir outlinefile.tcl source [bad-link: file join $scriptdir outlinedocument....&quot; (procedure &quot;tkoutline::main&quot; line 8) invoked from within</pre><p>&quot;tkoutline::main $argv&quot;</p><pre> (file &quot;C:/Documents and Settings/Iain/Desktop/tkoutline.exe/main.tcl&quot; line 4)</pre><hr size=1><p>OK</p><hr size=1><p>[Brian Theado]file join $scriptdir outlinedocument...." (procedure "tkoutline::main" line 8) invoked from within"tkoutline::main $argv" (file "C:/Documents and Settings/Iain/Desktop/tkoutline.exe/main.tcl" line 4)OK[Brian Theado - thanks alot for this report. I have fixed this bug. You can either re-download, or as a workaround for what you already downloaded, just move the .exe file to a directory that doesn't contain spaces anywhere in the path (i.e. move it to the root c:\ directory). It worked fine in a directory without spaces in the path and gives the above error in a directory with spaces in the path.

Iain Cheyne - Thanks for responding so fast. I have had a quick play and it works fine. Obviously more undo steps would be a bonus, but one step is a big improvement in usability.

Brian Theado - What do you mean by undo steps? Do you mean how many previous operations that can be undone or do you mean how fine-grained the undo is? There is no limit on how many operations can be undone. The only limit is that you can't undo past a save. That limit is arbitrary and one I placed in there because I thought there should be come sort of limit. I might have to survey some other editors and see what scheme they use. If this isn't the behavior you see, then please let me know.

Iain Cheyne - Once again, you are right and I am wrong. I am not sure why I only saw one undo level, I must have done it too quickly. Anyway, it works perfectly for my needs. Thanks.