Tkoutline Mac OS X problems
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2006-12-30 Markus: I am not able to run Tkoutline on Mac OS X 10.4.8. I tried Tclkit 8.5a4 and 8.4.13 (Aqua, x86). The error message window is too huge for my display. I have uploaded a screenshot at The error is discussed here at Any advice how I can run Tkoutline? Thanks!

2007-01-01 Brian Theado: Give this development version a try It has the features listed on Changelog.

2007-01-06 Markus: Thanks. This version starts with some 'invalid context' errors but nevertheless it keeps running. But it is not working correctly. Nodes are displayed in a horizontal instead of a vertical list. After selecting all text and typing every keystroke will play the OS X error sound. :)

2007-01-07 Brian Theado: Could you post more details on what it looks like? Maybe some screenshots?

Later: Ok, I just tried it with tclkit 8.5a4 and I see the horizontal problem. I'll take a look and see if I can figure it out. I know the text widget (which tkoutline is based on) has changed quite a bit in 8.5. Until then, give 8.4.13 a try--it works fine for me. I will need more details on the 'invalid context' errors--I don't see those.