Tkoutine and categories
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2006-09-09 Morgan Ohlson: I have a NEW text writing feature idea called "color categories". It means that a paragraph (node in this case) can be marked as "blue" OR "red" or "whatever". The same category can then occure att many different places in the text. The marked text can then be toggled on /off (printing /showing). This way a novel body text can be written directly in the novell/essay outline (synopsis) after marking the synopsis nodes "category blue". When printing the outline to a publisher the "blue category txt" is toggled off and a nice manuscript (without notes) comes out of the printer. Comment: Node "name" and text are not separated. This is a strength compared to Treepad /KeyNote.

2006-09-10 Brian Theado: I don't completely follow. Could you provide an example? Show some indented text and how the pieces would be categorized?

2006-09-22 (Morgan Ohlson): The main problem is that most software try to aim at all purposes at the same time. Outliners used (I believe) for 3 main tasks: book/essay outlining, program coding/structure or idea/notes-organizing. The problem is that features that improve one task regularly complicate other uses. The big TkOutliner PRO is that choosen nodes can be open and shown simultaneously. This is a feature that serves the best in outlining since book/essay-txt (or work projects) often must be coordinated/matched between one node to another. Greetings! /mo

2006-09-25 Brian Theado: Have you looked at Ecco Pro? Free download at It is kind of old, but it works great and has an extremely loyal following. See for more information.