Searching outline titles
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On 24Aug04, Roger asks about searching outline titles:

If I create a hundred outlines and put them in a special directory, I would like to search for all outlines which start with the word Phone and display them sorted alphabetically, to create a few phone books, for example.

An undocumented feature of tkoutline's inter-outline links is the ability to specify glob 1 patterns in the link name and have it match multiple files. If there are multiple files that match, then when the link is clicked, an outline with a list of links to all the matching files is constructed. That list of links is sorted alphabetically. Does that fit what you had in mind?


If you had an outline titled Phone - home and another titled Phone - work, then a link like Phone* will when clicked show a new outline with a list similar to the following:

where each item is a link to that outline.