Printing from within tkoutline
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5-May-2003 Printing Details Bryan Ogawa

Here are a few ways to implement printing:

Phase 1: basic printing

print via simple indented text to enscript on Unix or by sending HTML to a program like IE on Windows. Dump the whole outline, in expanded form. It would be nice to have options to print the expanded or unexpanded forms, but that is a secondary feature. Being able to print with numbers instead of bullets would be helpful. This can be implemented under unix today by piping the text export to enscript or lpr itself.

Phase 2: additional markup

Next, it would be nice to preserve formatting such as bold, italic, and the like. The bullets/arrows could also be preserved. Doing this using text-only tools under Unix might be harder, but if you offer the ability to pipe out XML, you might be able to use FO or something like that to produce PDF/Postscript.

Phase 3: filters / subsets

It would be nice to be able to print a subtree or a filtered view.

Brian Theado - Thanks for the details, Bryan!