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2006-01-25,Komgart Prakobphol: I am a sidekicks user, a single pane outliner for a foxpro program coding. I could not find any substitute editor. A week ago I try Tkoutline,it is great. I can easily import any *.prg file ( file import ascii) into tkoutline after edited then (file export ascii) exported to ascii file.Problem is open the ascii file with notepad every line start with '*' character which is not accepatble by foxpro. How can I have a saved file with text only.

Brian Theado - Here is a workaround that should give you the functionality you want.

Place the following line code in your startup script (Edit->Edit Startup Script):

 proc ::treeconvert::treeToAscii {tree {prefix ""} {indentStr \t}} info body ::treeconvert::treeToAscii

Then restart tkoutline and file export ascii should omit the "*".

Let me know if that works for you.