Importing browser bookmarks into tkoutline
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2006-09-15 harsha:it is only recently that i have got my hands on tkoutline.great work.i do a lot of browsing.and i feel that that tkoutline would be a great bookmark organiser...mostly because of the sheer simple commands involved in using it...contrast to the wysiwyg way.but i already have a million bookmarks in my IE.if tkoutline could import my would be marvellous.dont know whteher this was asked before.

2006-09-15 Brian Theado: One way is to export your bookmarks following the instructions at This will give you an html file containing links to all of your bookmarks. You can then import that file into tkoutline using the File->Import from->Indented Ascii menu pick. You will end up with all the information from your favorites plus a lot of extra html junk. From there it is just a manual process of removing all the unwanted html tags.

2006-09-16 harsha: :) im sure you agree its a tedious job to remove the html junk...i was thinking just importing all the links.could it be made possible????.now that i come to think of it,...firefox plugin that will replace its own bookmark manger with tk outline would be even better great.what say you?

2006-09-18 Brian Theado: I might write some code you can use to import all the links. I have no interest in writing a firefox plugin. Maybe this weekend, I will take a look.

Links that may be helpful for the implementation:,,,,

2006-09-21 harsha:cool...thanks :)

2006-09-25 Brian Theado: Well the weekend is long past and I haven't spent any time on this yet. Maybe next week...