Importing OPML files into tkoutline
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20-Jul-03 Brian Theado I modified the below to use the pure Tcl XML package found at 1, added a menu pick for importing and checked it into CVS. This functionality will be part of the next release. Download a preview at

A quick hack for being able to import opml files into tkoutline (inspired by a request from Laurent Duperval):

 proc opml2IndentedText {xmlFile} {
    package require tdom
    set xmlfd open $xmlFile
    set xml read $xmlfd
    close $xmlfd
    set root [dom parse $xml documentElement]
    set output ""
    foreach node $root selectNodes //outline {
        set indent [bad-link: string repeat "    " [$node selectNodes count(ancestor::outline)]string repeat "    " [$node selectNodes count(ancestor::outline)]
        lappend output "$indent$node @text"
    return join $output \n
 proc opml2TkoutlineFile {opmlFile outputFile} {
     set tree ::outlinewidget::textToTree [opml2IndentedText $opmlFile]
     $tree walk root -command {%t set %n -key expand 1}
     ::saveTreeToFile $tree $outputFile

From within tkoutline, open the console by hitting <F2>. Paste in the above code. If you have the tdom library installed 2, then just execute opml2TkoutlineFile passing the input opml filename and the output filename as parameters.

If you don't have tdom installed, then the easiest way is to download and before you execute opml2TkoutlineFile, execute the following command:

 source c:/path/to/tdom.kit

That should make the tdom library available to you (tdom is binary and the above kit works only for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and FreeBSD).