HTML export requests
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Brian Theado 2007/08/18 - Sorry for the unresponsiveness these last few months. I haven't felt motivated to do any tkoutline work.

The latest functionality mentioned below is checked into CVS and is available for download at and

Default filename extension - This has been fixed. I also added code to feed the dialog box with the outline filename. This way if you have an outline named SomeOutline, you can just click OK on the dialog and you will automatically get SomeOutline.html as your exported file.

Export all open tabs - you can do this pretty easily by running a script from the console (Hit <F2>):

 foreach od [::tkoutline::browser set nb pages] {::tkoutline::browser::$od ExportTo Html}

msel, 24.10.2007: This script works only with tkoutline version 0.93, not with the last development version! invalid command name "treeTohtml"

Brian Theado, 25.10.2007: Sorry there was a typo above. Fixed: 'html' => 'Html'

Use outline filename as html <title> - latest cvs has some underlying code for this, but it is incomplete.

Convert wiki links to html href links - haven't looked into this yet.

The requests:

2007/08/08 Autohotkey-Script for HTML export - works around the default extension issue.

2007/07/17 One suggestion to export

msel: It would be helpful if you can export more than one page at one time. I think about the following: when you have opened several pages in tkoutline you have the option to export all the opened pages at one time to one selected format, e. g. hmtl

2007/05/29 Some suggestions to html export

msel: 1. If you want to export a page in html then you change the file type every time, because on the first position is "All files" and on the second position is "HTML files".

This problem is also if you want to import to xml etc. Can you change the order of the extension (first the selected imported format and then All files)?

2. Can you include the title of the file in the exported html file? html-tag: <title></title>?

3. Is it possible to make active links in exported html files? Now you can only see a link in squared brackets. Can you change it to a real html link <a href="link">link.html</a>? You may use the extension .htm or .html - it does not matter.