Future plans
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I use tkoutline on a daily basis and find it rather stable, but it does have several Missing features.

Last updated 15-Jan-05:

Likely in next release




Old future plans

Shared persistent outlines - 11/10/02 - I'm no longer pursuing this

Outline as a hierarchy of database queries: = 11/10/02 - I'm no longer pursuing this

Another future plan I have is to add functionality to treat an Outline as a hierarchy of database queries. This will allow the structure of the outline to be much more flexible than a rigid tree structure. 02/10/02 - I have an off-line batch mode version of this working (see the above link). I expect it may take 6 months to a year to have a more dynamic and usable version available.

More wiki-like features --Implemented in version 0.77

Support for hyperlinking outlines together already exists in version 0.65. I plan to add support for external hyperlinks and other wiki markup such as bold and italics.

Performance improvements --Implemented in version 0.77

Version 0.65 is significantly slower than version 0.61 as far as displaying outlines. Saving large outlines has always been slow. I plan to improve the performance of both.

A wiki of outlines -- Implemented in version 0.65

Another idea I have is to allow wiki link syntax to be used in tkoutline to hyperlink outlines together. This would be like a local mode wikit 2, but each page would be an outline instead of a page of flat text. See Wiki-like hyperlinked outlines. NOTE: I attempted to access that last Wiki reference, and got a server error... 05/20/02 I am unable to duplicate this error. Please send the error message to mailto://btheado@users.sourceforge.net if you see it again

XOTcl rewrite: -- Indefinitely on hold. I'm having enough fun reworking the straight Tcl code.

I have started a complete, from-scratch rewrite using a cool object oriented extension of Tcl called XOTcl 3. One disadvantage of this is tkoutline will no longer be a pure Tcl/Tk app (since XOTcl is a C based extension). The advantages are that it better holds my interest and it will be easier to add new features that I want. 02/10/02 - Development on this rewrite has stalled, but I expect to come back to it at some point.