Exporting top level without bullets etc
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Brian Theado - 2007May26 - Moved this page from Tkoutline discussion and added responses from email exchange with Benct.

Benct: First of all, thanks for a great tool. I've been looking for a single-pane outliner to run on Windows for years!

However I have some questions and requests:

1. I saw on Plain text export how to remove bullets altogether. However what I want is a tad more complicated: I want to have top level nodes exported without bullets in all of plain text, html and 'email' formats, but with bullets on lower-level nodes. I'm sure you see the idea behind this.

2007/05/07 msel: Have you seen, that you can toggle the bullet key with <CONTROL>+<B> (see Edit | Preferences). If you toggle the bullet key on the top level node then the exported outline also will have no bullet on the top level node.

2. Is it possible to get closing </li> tags in html export, preferably in combination with the above?

Brian Theado 2007May05 - Yes, with a code change that I have made in the CVS repository. You can also find it at http://tkoutline.sourceforge.net/tkoutline-devel.kit or http://tkoutline.sourceforge.net/tkoutline-devel.exe

3. I often write for a certain wiki running on the MediaWiki software, where nested lists are maked up like this:

 * First level
 ** Second level
 *** Third level

i.e. you add an * for each level, without any left-margin indentation. Is it possible to get this when exporting from tkoutline. Again with the highest level unbulleted, so that the export format I need in practice would be:

 First level
 * Second level
 ** Third level
 *** Fourth level

(Of course if you think of it as

 'Zeroeth' level
 * First level
 ** Second level
 *** Third level

it becomes a bit easier to get your head around it! :-)

While it is comparatively easy to create macros in my favorite text editor to achieve these things it would be nice not to have to open the wiki text in the text editor at all! BTW would it be possible to add a Wiki export format separate from the 'normal' Ascii/plain text format, since I need both formats on alternate occasions?

Brian Theado - 2007Apr26 - This one is easy--at least for you to try out. Just hit <F2> to bring up the console window and type:

 ::treeconvert::treeToAscii treecmd "" *

You should see your current outline displayed with '*' representing the level

4. Lastly, when tkoutline is opened the Save As... location defaults to C:\Documents and Settings\useraccount, which isn't very practical...

Sorry, that's quite a lot I'm afraid!

Brian Theado 2007May05 - I think I need more details on this one. When I run tkoutline and try SaveAs, the location defaults to the directory from which tkoutline is invoked. If editing an already existing outline it uses the directory of that outline. Maybe I need to double check again on windows (running Linux right now). Could you give a step-by-step? What would you prefer it do?

Later I (Benct) also discovered

5. Is it possible to change the font style markup, or at least disable it? The default markup *bold*, /italic/, _underline_, and -strikeout- are highly inconvenient to me. I'm a historical linguist and *foo and /foo/ are rather important in our metalanguage, and in addition dashes, marked with -- are for better or worse a prominent part of my personal writing style. I can work around by writing //this// when I want actual slashes, but to get strikeout where I intend dashes is quite annoying, I'm afraid! I'd prefer the Markdown or MediaWiki way of marking italic and bold:

    - Markdown
        - __bold__: double underscores
        - _italic_: single underscores
    - MediaWiki
        - '''bold''': three single quotes
        - ''italic'': two single quotes

In both cases these are used cumulatively to mark up bold italic or ___bold italic___. To be sure Markdown has an alternative markup with one to three asterisks, but I have disabled that since I actually need _*this_ and _this*_ (i.e. italic words with leading or following asterisk). I prefer the Markdownp style to the MediaWiki style; ideally I'd like to write in a Markdown- like format and export to a MediaWiki format. I use actual underlining and strikeout very seldom, but it would be nice to be able to get them with ===underline=== and ---strikeout---.

Brian Theado - 2007Apr26 - Here's how to disable:

Edit->Edit Preferences

Change this line

 *wikimarkup: wikilinks urls style


 *wikimarkup: wikilinks urls

Save and restart tkoutline

Benct - 2007May05 - There seems to be a bug so that when one disables wikilinks urls don't work anymore either! (I can't use wikilinks as we linguists use square brackets to enclose phonetic transcriptions; I don't want new windows to open when I try to edit my transcriptions! :-)

Brian Theado 2007May05 - Thanks for this report. I found and fixed a bug with only url enabled. Hopefully it is the same one of which you speak. The behavior I saw with url enabled and wikilinks disabled was upon mouseover of the url, an error window would pop up.

The fix is in CVS and available at http://tkoutline.sourceforge.net/tkoutline-devel.kit or http://tkoutline.sourceforge.net/tkoutline-devel.exe