Autohotkey-Script for HTML export
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Brian Theado - 2007-08-18 - the latest code now uses html as the default extension, so the autohotkey workaround is no longer needed. To also have the keystroke binding, add the following to your startup script or run it from the console (<F2>):

 event add <<ExportToHtml>> <Control-e>

msel, 08.08.2007: I have writte a AutoHotkey-Script to use with the HTML export in TKoutline. Autohotkey is a freeware program for programming macros under Windows. You find the program here:

To use it first install AutoHotkey. Then copy everything between the lines <ahkscript> and </ahkscript> (but not <ahkscript> and </ahkscript>)in a text file and name the file as you like with the extension .ahk. Then you can compile the file by using the context menu and you get a new file with the same name but with the extension .exe. This program can you use with TKOutline (see program comments).


 ; AutoHotkey-Script for TKOutline used with operating system windows
 ; This script creates a shortcut to export a tkoutline file to html.
 ; The shortcut is <CTRL>-<e>
 ; Name of the Programm: ExportTkOutlineHTML

; How to use the program ; Start TkOutline ; Start ExportTkOutlineHTML.exe ; If you want to export a page in TKoutline to html then select the ; page and press <CTRL>-<e> to start the program. ; The program automatically select Export to html. ; You have only to enter the file name for the exported file, the ; extension is already set to .html ; The program is running in the background and you can see a green icon ; in the taskbar. ; To close the program use the icon in the taskbar: ; right mouse click: exit

^e:: WinWait, Tkoutline, IfWinNotActive, Tkoutline, , WinActivate, Tkoutline, WinWaitActive, Tkoutline, Sleep, 100 Send, {ALTDOWN}f{ALTUP}{DOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN}{ENTER}{DOWN}{DOWN}{ENTER} WinWait, Save As Html, IfWinNotActive, Save As Html, , WinActivate, Save As Html, WinWaitActive, Save As Html, ; select HTML files and adds extension .html Send, {TAB}{DOWN}{DOWN}{ENTER}{SHIFTDOWN}{TAB}{SHIFTUP}.html{HOME} return