Additional expand collapse functionality
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John Buckman requests the following additional expand/collapse functionality for which I'm guessing what he means:

Brian Theado - 04May03 - As of version 0.91 some of this functionality was added. It is available via the Outline menu as well as via Ctrl-1 through Ctrl-9 and Alt-0 through Alt-9. The menu picks aren't worded very well. I'm the one who wrote the functionality and the wording isn't good enough for me to remember exactly what it does. I have to actually try it out to figure out what it does. If anyone has suggestions for improvement, let me know.

Here's a bit of documentation for the keystrokes:

After having written the above, I can see it needs reworked. I don't use the functionality much and haven't noticed the limitations before now

Some comments from the Tkoutline discussion page:

Bryan Ogawa requests "a keybinding to toggle expand of the current bullet versus just hide for the current Control-`"

I replied: This can currently be done with Alt-0/Alt-1, but it is probably easier to have a single keystroke so you don't have to think about whether you are expanding or collapsing.

Jon Schull chips in: I'd recommend keystrokes that increment or decrement "Show levels below current". (MSWord has this and its very versatile because you can apply it globally to top nodes as well as locally, and you can just hold down a key to collapse or expand all the way .)

Jon, could you provide more details on what the keybindings are and how msword behaves?

Jon Schull The commands are accessed via the Outlining Toolbar as + and - buttons. They can also be bound to keystrokes via

 Tools|Customize|Keyboard|View|Outline Expand


 Tools|Customize|Keyboard|View|Outline Collapse

I use 'ctl-k' and 'ctl-h' for kollapse and expand, and 'ctrl-e' and 'ctrl-x' for up and down. So without lifting my control finger, I can do everything I want to do....

Basically, these commands "retract" or "extend" a hierarchy's outermost leaf. Its easier to see and do than to describe.

Brian Theado - OK. I played around with Word's +/- buttons. Here's a description of what I observed: