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Open leaves:

23:53 [7380c99b54] Leaf: Switched right mouse click to display Edit menu instead of Outline menu (user: btheado, tags: master)
00:57 [68b8e105c4] Leaf: Added release date (user: btheado, tags: v0-93)
00:39 [1d3e1d797d] Leaf: don't use namespace current if an absolute namespace command is passed in (user: btheado, tags: pre-tree20)
01:34 [a0a7bc8873] Leaf: Fixed bug where text added interactively to the start of a field didn't get the field tag (user: btheado, tags: before-listitem)
02:14 [3ef6331921] Leaf: Bumped version number (user: btheado, tags: v0-92)
00:15 [e2ec24cc97] Leaf: Updated documentation (user: btheado, tags: v0-91)
04:05 [fb7186c4d1] Leaf: Always create the widget command in the cglobal namespace (user: btheado, tags: v0-90-1)
11:59 [a11d8e797c] Leaf: Fixed cursor placement for split node operation (user: btheado, tags: v0-90)
02:55 [e423e91a4f] Leaf: Changed delete to not prompt if only a single node is being deleted (user: btheado, tags: v0-89)
03:24 [302fd0cd59] Leaf: Temporarily disabled the tree changing functionality as it broke everything but new outlines (user: btheado, tags: v0-88)
03:39 [2ba1d06594] Leaf: Copy handler bug fix (user: btheado, tags: v0-87)
18:43 [804f75f8f6] Leaf: Re-added the safe interpreter code for old outline format (user: btheado, tags: v0-86)
00:33 [7976bcee00] Leaf: Added changelog for latest fix (user: btheado, tags: v0-85)
01:50 [8a8ec44a0e] Leaf: Fixed bug where insertion cursor could end up in readonly region after duplicating a node (user: btheado, tags: v0-84)
21:40 [f819544c89] Leaf: Added padding to the bullet images to fix alignment problems with wrapped lines (user: btheado, tags: v0-83)
00:38 [4637c33578] Leaf: Add support for displaying bullets as images (user: btheado, tags: v0-82)
23:14 [ccb92b623b] Leaf: Initial creation (transition from scripted documents to starkits) (user: btheado, tags: v0-81)
14:15 [c824134c62] Leaf: Added experimental xpath code--requires tdom and xotcl extensions (user: btheado, tags: v0-80)
13:20 [22e0f89faf] Leaf: Change move node down, now that tcllib bug 578460 has been committed to cvs (user: btheado, tags: v0-79)
10:45 [4ca1c9a574] Leaf: Fixed so the data key isn't output twice when saving (user: btheado, tags: v0-78)
02:13 [c74ded724c] Leaf: fix env global, added mozilla to unix browser search list (user: btheado, tags: v0-77)
23:54 [d93c834bf1] Leaf: moved modified tagging code to treedisplay (user: btheado, tags: v0-76)
15:05 [977e3f4aa8] Leaf: Extracted code from main.tcl (user: btheado, tags: v0-75)
00:49 [e0a44631fd] Leaf: Allow the parts of wikimarkup to be enabled/disabled via the options file (user: btheado, tags: v0-74)
02:17 [3c3c3af21b] Leaf: extracted wikimarkup code to separate file (user: btheado, tags: v0-73)
02:05 [df0f79b53c] Leaf: Extracted code to new textprotect.tcl (user: btheado, tags: v0-72)
01:56 [ccc2b5bfd3] Leaf: fixed syncing text to the tree (user: btheado, tags: v0-71)
01:44 [8153ad2649] Leaf: extracted code to dnd and treedisplay; changed menu from buttons to system menu; code reformatting (user: btheado, tags: v0-70)
01:20 [27314decab] Leaf: When saving only sync modified nodes (user: btheado, tags: v0-69)
01:03 [e307d3a7d5] Leaf: performance enhancements; move markup into a package (user: btheado, tags: v0-68)
00:08 [510bdcdf1d] Leaf: Added non-windows url launching code (user: btheado, tags: v0-67)
23:55 [235f2f0253] Leaf: Added url launching capability (user: btheado, tags: v0-66)
01:16 [228d908caa] Leaf: * Multiple outlines can be open at a time using a tabbed notebook interface * Hyperlinks to other outlines can be created by surrounding text with square braces * Safe interpreter is now used to source in the outline data files (scripted document version requires bleeding edge vfs-in-core version of tclkit to get this functionality) * Menu picks get greyed out when the commands are not available (user: btheado, tags: v0-65)
01:13 [e4e9a075df] Leaf: * Fixed bug with preventing deletion of readonly controls * Added the ability to save a subtree to a file * Modified the output file so the tree name is not hard-coded in * Fixed bug where opening a second tree could get some of the first tree merged in * Opening a file changes the current directory to the directory of the opened file * Save file isn't opened for writing until tree successfully converted for output * New outlines are no longer marked as modified until a user modification * Fixed bug where a cancelled file open operation hoses the application (user: btheado, tags: v0-61)
00:56 [2e23eceb0c] Leaf: * Fixed bug where deleting the first node of the tree caused an error * Added functionality for exporting to ascii, html, xml * Allow keybindings and other settings to be specified via configuration file * Upgraded the distribution from including wcb 2.2 to wcb 2.5 * Bullets can now be toggled between numbered and unnumbered * Converted indentation to use tabs instead of margin. This way when text from the outline is copied and pasted into another application, the relative indentation is preserved. * Fixed access to outline files within the scripted document (i.e. the help file). (user: btheado, tags: v0-52)
00:41 [727634668c] Leaf: 2nd attempt to import files release in version 0.41 (user: btheado, tags: vendor)