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Date: 2011-02-17 01:55:34
Original User: btheado


2006-09-18 (Michael Logies): Would it be possible to include checkboxes in TKoutline? After checking a box the text should be stroken through. Pocketthinker is doing this well (, but the program has other problems. Thanks, M.

2006-09-18 Brian Theado: I'll think about doing something very simple like this.

2006-09-24 (Michael Logies) My main use of an outliner is for checklists in my dental office. My assistants go through checklists a few times per day. That`s why checkboxes are important for me. The checklists are write protected, checkboxes only help them not to miss a point. There is a big wave of quality management through different industries which will continue for years. Checklists are always an important part of quality management.

2006-09-24 Brian Theado: I would think that a modified html export would work nicely for you. Depends on your exact requirements. Edit your outline in tkoutline and somehow mark the nodes in the outline that you want to have checkboxes. Then the modified html export would place html checkboxes in the output. The resulting html page would be readonly and would still have checkboxes.

Have you seen

2006-09-29 (Michael Logies) Brian, I had read about sproutliner. It´s still beta and not too easy to install and to maintain locally. Most of my checklists are maintained by my dental assistants. Quality management means constant evolution. So it`s of utmost importance that maintaining and using the checklists remains very simple and fast. HTML-Export is therefore not a good idea and because functions will be limited compared to checkboxes in Pocketthinker or TKoutline. In Pocketthinker checking a node will check all points below this node. But checking or unchecking points below the node is still possible.