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Date: 2011-02-17 01:55:34
Original User: btheado


17-Apr-03 Brian Theado - I have been toying around with the windows based Ecco outliner (TODO: provide link to more information about Ecco) recently. Not actually using it, but rather writing adapter code that allows Tcl to access the tree structure stored an Ecco database as if it were a native tcllib tree. Ecco's DDE API ($5) is used to access an Ecco database. Not sure if anything will come of it.

Currently, I have some code that provides an API to the Ecco database that looks just like the tcllib tree structure 1. This interface is much friendlier and easier to use than the DDE API. Currently the root of the Tcl tree maps to a given top-level item in Ecco's database. Setting/getting any attributes on a node in the tree is equivilent to setting/getting a column value for the corresponding item in Ecco.

At some point, I plan to enhance it so the root of a tree can correspond to an ecco folder and/or maybe an ecco view.