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Date: 2011-02-17 01:55:34
Original User: btheado


I played around for a short while today (19-Nov-02) trying to get the core outlining functionality running under curses tk (ck) found at I'm not sure that I would really use this, but I might. I could see it being useful for some low-end machine running Linux without X-windows.

My main goal would be to use the exercise to guide re-organizing my code to make it more flexible.

Ck doesn't support all of Tk's functionality. Missing are virtual events which Tkoutline makes heavy use of. Also missing is the text tag prevrange command. Oddly the nextrange command is included. I wonder why the asymmetry.

I contacted the author, Christian Werner about this and he says that if I wanted to tackle it, it wouldn't be that hard to bring it up to date with the latest Tcl/Tk. I'd rather spend my spare time programming in Tcl, rather than C. I was able to write a replacement for the prevrange command in pure Tcl in less than 10 lines of code. A pure Tcl version of virtual events is probably doable, too, just not as easy (wrap the bind command and convert virtual events to actual events).

This is just something I played around with for a while and may or may not ever come back to it.