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Date: 2011-02-17 01:55:34
Original User: btheado


As of version 0.93, tkoutline supports loading a user-defined script at startup. With this script the opportunity exists to execute user-defined code at two different points in the startup process. First, after all the tkoutline code has been loaded, but before it has been executed. Second, after all the startup code has been executed.

Given the dynamic nature of the Tcl languange, these two points of leverage make it theoretically possible to change anything and everything about the way tkoutline behaves. In practice, none of it is documented yet and it may therefore be difficult to do some of the more extreme modifications.

So in version 0.93, it is possible to make modifications to your startup script and load some functionality that can be considered a "plugin". Having to modify a startup script is unacceptable as a manner to install plugins and so I plan to improve the architecture in the next release.

Intended features of the future plugin architecture

Current status of plugin architecture - as of 11/26/2004

No friendly gui or api for adding and removing plugins exists, however via manual steps, all of the above features are available.

Placeholders for some notes on how it works

This documentation is just a start and much more is needed--both from the perspective of a plugin user and from the perspective of a plugin developer.